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Monday, January 25, 2010

Nothing New Under the Sun

I wish I could say that we had the most exciting weekend ever! Quite the opposite. It was very boring. But I like boring. We had some rough storms run through the area and a the excitment of a slight fever but thats about it.
The fever came Saturday night. That almost always means that Sunday will be the olympic sport of husband and I taking turns fulfilling our duties. We live on the church propery, you see. About 25 steps to the door of the church to be exact. I think we tag teamed about 5 times yesterday.
So, back to Saturday night. The girl has recently been earning an allowance for doing certain chores around the house. One of these is folding laundry. Can I just say that I'm LOVING this? Anyway, 3 loads of laundry, multiple drinks of water, 3 bathroom breaks, 10 announcements that she was tired and wanted to go to bed (5:30pm), 2 declarations that she didn't feel good (would you believe her? I didn't), and 2 hours later she was done with the folding of the laundry. We took a quick bath and I knew. I love being a mom because you always just know. Just one feel of heat on her body and all those goosebumps in the bath and I knew. The thermometer registered 100.6. Doable with a little tylenol. I decided to make it fun and have a campout in the living room. Ok, I actually did this so I could be close to her. The past has told me that fever spikes in the middle of the night equals vomit in the bed.
Yesterday, like I said, we tag teamed at church. After an extra long nap we went through Starbucks and headed to the park. The girl was feeling slightly better and we decided to go feed the ducks. We determined that the ducks must have been ever further south from our small cold snap a few weeks back. We fed the fish instead. This is much to the dismay of a man fly fishing at the other end of the lake. Seriously, we got quite a few big fish eating the bread that after 5 minutes of the us being there he gave up. Sorry dude, its a park. Kids like to feed the fish.
I realize this post might be bringing you to tears from the boredom.
If you are looking for something really worthwhile to read, try googling "adopting from haiti." I think you will find a few bloggers whose family was finally complete this weekend. If you didn't catch any of the footage on the news, go to the ABC network and catchup on the stories. Beautiful.
He puts the lonley in families.
Love it.

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