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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

While I'm very thankful that my dad sends me photos of the beautiful Grand Canyon, I decided to pull them off the blog. I'd rather he make the money, than someone rob him the opportunity. Trust me, they are breathtaking.

I really have meant to post again this week. I have a really sweet one. but for now this Thankful Thursday post is very appropriate.

I am thankful for this girl. She warms my heart to no end.

Thankful for my dad

Today I'm thankful for my camera. Look! It's fall!
(Yes, I took this today, January 21, 2010. And yes, its warm today. [with a chance of tornado...don't be too jealous!])

And I'm thankful for a little girl who lives in China. She is never far from my thoughts. One that I will probably never meet, but has changed my heart nonetheless. A little girl who has taught my daughter to pray for a little orphan girl to find a forever family. Thank you Mu.

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