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Friday, April 9, 2010

Did I mention I'm packing this week?

Some things I know:

Almost all of my shirts have small holes around my belly. Why, oh why do they do this?

My daughter has one heckuva imagination. Oh yes she does.

God is very faithful. Oh yes He is.

My husband has been hearing really freaky things in this house he's been staying in.

Really freaky things.

Wearing fleece lined crocs in 80 degree weather while you pack is NOT a good idea.

I am a child of the LIVING God. Love that.

I miss my husband, but shhhhh, I might be enjoying this time more than I should. (the toilet seat is always down!!!)

I have a lot of crap jammed into our 700 square feet of happiness. (Our nickname for our house.) Yeah, we are very sarcastic.

If my daughter will still claim me after this week, then I am very blessed.

If I will still claim myself after this week then I'm in good shape.

If I am even coherent after this week then, wow, that would be amayzin.

We have used an unusual amount of toilet paper this week. Weird.

I can't blame that on my husband anymore.

I have too many clothes. I am not even really a fan of most of them. I blame it on clearance racks. They suck me in and I can't walk away without at least one piece of mismatch.

There is a huge box that I know I would fit in. I have contemplated emptying the contents and climbing in. I have a sudden urge to get away from it all and suck my thumb. But that would require me to unpack a box.
hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, yeah right.

I am trying to convince myself that when you move out of a house you don't really have to pull out the appliances and clean under them. I know. Shame on me. Don't tell my mother. Ok, go ahead and tell her. It will guarantee her arrival in the next 9.5 hours.

I've packed up all my food. Smart choice? What do you think? But do you think in your right mind I am going to unpack one single box of food just to eat? Your crazy.

Besides my girl and I are getting along just fine consuming large amounts of Easter candy.

We're just fine I tell ya.

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