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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guess who just walked out the door?

The sweet blessed man who possesses the talent of bringing internet into my house.

Being without internet for right around 3 weeks changes a person. I'm kidding of course. But its good to be back. I'm a resident of Virginia. Officially. Well, I havn't got the $48 to change my license from Florida to Virginia, but thats right in line behind getting my gas money, grocery money, getting my oil changed and maybe paying my rent.

Wow, it didn't take long for me to start whining about money. Sorry about that. God is so good to us. And there is just something about not making ends meet that makes you cling to the Lord in a way that you never have before. I'm confident that this will make us stronger in so many ways.

And the funny thing is that during this time of the small paycheck, God is getting me more excited about adopting. We still don't know what that looks like for us, but I'm still excited.

And at this point somehow I just erased the last 4 paragraphs. Hmmm. Internet, we have such a love hate relationship. So, I've got to go clean something right now, but I will be back more often.

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